Westlake LUV

by NEW Xiu Xiu Exclusive 7inch



I was transformed by a tiny, cheap, Italian bikini when I was 17. What was different about it? The fit. This Italian string bikini was finely cut, showed off my body, sat at my natural waist, and overall me feel beautiful and feminine. Ever since, I sought this fantastic fit in a sea of thong, brief and boy-short underwear but never found an equivalent to my Italian bikini, let alone, in 100% cotton for my everyday needs. I dreamed about fashion’s pattern god, Azzedine Alaia and wondered what his everyday 100% cotton panty might look like?


released June 19, 2015

John Congleton, Christine Sun Kim, Jamie Stewart - La Haine



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Track Name: Westlake LUV
the jungle presses in again
darkness improves with a little shove
‘tis how Los Angeles works on you
fear or shame no betweens
float in MacArthur park
dead not among wild flowers
walk, walk into the lake 
your rotted blanket on its shore
no one will pull you out
Westlake luv...
bushes muffle the sound of murder
my balls turned to breasts and
fell through the ceiling like a human mirror ball
everyone here is so pretty
everyone here has such a hot body
once you tie someone’s hands you can do anything
Track Name: Paper Mario
She worships you
She is in love with you
Oh No No
Oh my goodness!
The tea is poison
The tea is poison 
Once you dream your dreams
Once you dream your dreams, for you
There is poison in the tea 
For now, put the cup down
For now, put the cup down